About Us

Amelia HolmesWeddings are always romantic. Who wouldn’t want that day to happen to their lives anyway?

It is one of the most magical experiences that could ever happen to a person. Although it looks beautiful, not a lot of people know the stress, pressure and the drama that go behind every beautiful and successful wedding event. If you think it’s all a walk in the park, then I must stop you there and correct you and even give you the reality behind it.

I must say that it is chaotic! I have been planning weddings for a long time and also been working on more researches about the matter, and I have to be honest to tell you that it wasn’t rainbows and unicorns all the time. But since I know what goes behind the curtain of a wedding event and the secret on how to make it look successful and happy, I want to share what I know to all of you so you too would be able to know these secrets. Read the pages of my articles posted in here so you are updated about the latest in wedding events.