30 Jul

A wedding planner is a person or a professional who is an expert in designing, planning and managing a complete wedding of a client. Weddings are the most auspicious and important occasion of one’s life and couples are willing to pay a considerable amount of money to make their wedding perfect in every aspect and to ensure that their wedding remains well organised and up to the mark. Wedding planners are hired either by the groom or the bride’s side to make the wedding perfect and memorable. They work for longer durations, and they are given the responsibility of handling all the customs, rituals and expenses of the wedding.

wedding plannerThe job of a wedding planner is unique, and it is in vogue these days. This industry has been developed broadly in countries like USA, India, Europe and China. Several wedding planner courses are also in fashion these days to achieve a bright career in this field. Although it is typically a business related field, but the most beautiful aspect of this business is that it is always in demand and never becomes a victim of the recession, price hike, inflation, unemployment, etc. It is one of the most profit-oriented business that is developing the worldwide. The income of wedding planners is also quite unbelievable. They are paid a high remuneration or either a percentage of the total wedding cost.

Planners are also quite in style when a duo plan a destination wedding or a wedding location far from their place. In these weddings, only the documentation and paperwork can be complex or intricate but the wedding planning remains the same. A wedding planner offers many services to their clients in a single amount. These services include-

• A meeting and discussion with the family and friends of the couple much before the marriage so that they can understand their expectations from the wedding.
• Then they make a whole budget plan that includes all the expenses.
• They search for the most appropriate venue if it is not decided by the family.
• The guest list preparation
• Hiring service providers to the wedding like caterers, bakers, photographers, etc.
• Managing the entire schedule efficiently.

The best way to start this business is by getting a job of a wedding planner. There are several wedding planner agencies that hire the planners who have an ability to think something creative and out of the box for a wedding.

All you need to do is to follow some procedure before you can get a perfect wedding planner job of your choice where you could groom yourself and brush up your skills.

• Always make a perfect resume that can be catchy and attractive and that could include all your experiences.
• Attend as many weddings as you can so that you can focus on little preparations and also point out errors.
• Offer a helping hand at the weddings will make you learn many things.
• Meet with as many contractors and vendors you can improve your connection.