2 Aug

Wedding receptions are a type of celebration that is held after the marriage ceremony. It is held as hospitality for thanking all the guests who have attended the wedding and made it even most auspicious and prosperous by their graceful presence. This event is given the name of a reception because this party is hosted for the purpose of making the couple receiving social blessings and admiration by the guests as well. The couple receives the blessings of their family and friends for the first time as a couple. The reception is hosted by the groom’s side, and they provide all the attention and generosity to their guests. Moreover, they also serve them food and drinks of several choices according to their taste and preference. Wedding cakes are also popular on this occasion, and few traditions and rituals are followed by the groom and the bride as well.

Wedding receptionsHosting a reception is a well-admired ritual that is followed by all the parts of society. It makes the guests feel special and needed by the hosts because their presence is heartily admired by the family. This event can last up to a couple of hours. In some countries, the wedding receptions last up to few days. In few cultures, a wedding is celebrated separately by the groom and the bride sides and the reception is also hosted individually by both the families.

The most important thing that is considered before finalising a reception is the venue and the food. The location is the prime importance of any function. It adds royalty and charm to the event. It should be bigger enough to accommodate all the guests that are going to be present at the event. The reception also includes guests that cannot make it to the wedding and who visit to bless the couple. The venue is decided as per the budget one can afford and the infrastructure of the place to add beauty and grace to the ceremony. Food is the other key factor of any wedding occasion. The menu should thoroughly be checked before hosting the party as catering services makes or breaks the fun of any occasion. The menu should concentrate on a variety of dishes and must contain all the dishes as per different choices of the guests. The food served at the reception also depends largely on the season of the wedding and the local customs.

Wedding receptions are the duration when the hosts want to ensure that their guests are entertained enough and for this they often come up with variety of solutions like a live band, singers, performers, magicians, comedians or dancers. This additional factor adds fun elements to the party and highlights the festivities of the ceremony. This keeps the guests busy and entertained all through the party, and the hosts feel an honour of hosting a ceremony that gave people a chance to enjoy.

Wedding receptions are concluded by the giving gifts and goodies to the newlyweds and the couple gets clicked with every individual who turns up to grace the occasion.